Considering recency, frequency and monetary in list selection

Does recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) still have value in the Internet age?

The perennial truths of list selection wisdom know no boundaries. How recently a prospect made a purchase, frequency of behavior, and range of dollars spent remain critical factors to consider. Ignore one or more of these at your peril.

First, there's a very good reason why "hotlines" should appear at the top of your list selection matrix. These are the proverbial smoking guns of direct marketing Ñ prospects that have spoken with their money over the last one, two, or three months. List owners know these are among their most valuable names and that's why you'll have to pay more to get them. Believe me, they're usually worth the premium.

Don't stop there. Beat your competition by seeking out multi-buyers: those absolute gems that need less convincing to buy from you because they've already bought numerous times from someone like you. It will be a cold day in Honolulu before single buyers outperform multis.

Then hone in on an even more likely target: one who has paid an amount that is equal to or more than what you are asking now. Along with recent purchasing and frequency, this monetary select is a valid list select with which your broker will be happy to assist you. Happy hunting!
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