How can I motivate the people that work for me?

Answered by Debra Thompson, TG & Associates

How can I motivate the people that work for me?

That is a very short and straightforward question. My answer will be straightforward, but not so short, since motivation is the result of doing lots of things right. There are many textbooks on the subject and you can spend a lot of time reading and learning about different techniques. But I think a recent article by R. Brayton Bowen in HR Magazine (March 2004) captured in a summary fashion what it takes to motivate employees. To create a leading-edge company, managers must be ready to adopt a new strategy to satisfy the new age employee based on the five R's: responsibility, respect, relationships, recognition and rewards. Here are the highlights:

In grade school we learned about the three R's; now in our business operations, we need to understand these five R's. It takes a lot of effort by owners and managers to create a motivational atmosphere. And of course, motivation of the staff begins with a motivated owner or manager. That requires a lot of self-motivation in order to set the example.

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