Are there resources to help me with implementing new procedures for our production department?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

Are there resources to help me with implementing new processes and procedures for our production department?


Yes, there are. Print Buyers has a wealth of this kind of information. The answers to your question are not necessarily in one specific article but are rather addressed in depth throughout many articles, tips, Q&As, etc. There are a lot of ideas/suggestions on what things to look for, forms on how to evaluate print suppliers, information on how to communicate with suppliers, as well as ideas on how to organize yourself that should all prove very helpful.

The best way to navigate around our e-community to find these archived documents is to visit each business center from our home page:

In the upper right corner of each business center's landing page, you will see links to archived articles, Q&As and Tips. Peruse these areas to access the thousands of archived documents available to you.

Also, the educational resources guides by Gracol and Bridg's both offer suggestions on aspects of the print buying process and have many helpful tips.

Lastly, the "Getting it Printed" book by Mark Beach and Eric Kenly would be very valuable to you.
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