How important is a guarantee to the success of your offer?
Question: How important is a guarantee to the success of your offer?

Very, very, very important. In fact, why would you even bother going to the extraordinary effort and expense of promoting a product or service if you're not absolutely willing to stand behind it 100%?

Even if you've done a terrific job of selling throughout the package, your prospect will still have at least a niggling of doubt about shelling out his or her hard-earned cash for something he or she has yet to touch, taste, smell or hear. An unwavering guarantee is your ace in the hole the perfect time and place to conquer any remaining skepticism. So go ahead and make it count by making your guarantee as convincing as possible. Money-back, no-questions-asked, shipping costs included go out on a limb to proclaim just how superior your product is and how unlikely it is that even one customer will be unhappy.

Go even farther and highlight your guarantee by framing it in a valuable- looking certificate border. After all, a rock-solid guarantee is as good as cash! Count on it to bring more orders in the door.
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