Do I have to pay my printer for more than 10% overs?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

I am having a difficult time with a printer that continues to ship us more than the 10% overs/unders and then bills us for the additional quantities above the 10%. Is this acceptable?


I'd be very frustrated with this printer, too. That's very "old school." In my opinion, this just isn't acceptable. Very few print suppliers even charge for overs today.

Here's what I recommend:

  1. Send a letter to this printer that explains a change in your procedures for accepting overs/unders. Also, call them to discuss both the issue and the details of your new acceptance policy.

  2. Put in writing the percentage of overs/unders that you will accept and pay for. Include this in a letter, on your bid sheet, and also on all purchase orders. Many companies only accept 2% to 3% overs, while some buying companies won't pay for any overs.

  3. Listen to any issues that may concern them. (It's unlikely, but there may be some special circumstances that require adjustments to your policy.)

  4. After you've communicated the change properly, don't pay for more overs than you've authorized. You may also want to negotiate the rate that you are willing to pay for the overs.

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