Why is there such a huge difference in price?

I often bid my jobs out to three or more printers who I perceive to be very similar in their capabilities, size of company, and quality. Sometimes when I get the quotes back, there is a huge difference in price. One printer could bid at $16,000, one at $8,000 and one at $13,000. I'm miffed. Why do I get such a wide price range?


In this case, the price difference usually comes down to equipment which printer has the most efficient equipment to run the job? Your $8,000 printer might have a six-color (6-unit) perfecting press that will run your 6-color sheets in one pass through the press. On the other hand, your $16,000 printer may have a four-color (4-unit) press, which means running the job through twice. Unfortunately, the new technologies and efficiencies are making it more difficult to determine where to send your job simply by looking at the equipment list. You'll learn a great deal if you follow up with your printers and ask them about the price difference.

There are other things to consider as well, such as making sure that each printer uses the same specifications. If one printer is suspiciously low, you may ask them double-check their figures. Sometimes estimators make mistakes that greatly affect the total price.

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