Why is "color management" important?

Answered by Eric Neumann, Assistant Product Manager, Fujifilm

Why is "color management" important?

Color management has always been necessary in order to achieve predictable output from an input source. Companies that scan and print color have been doing color management for years (usually referred to as a "closed loop" form of color management).

Most often the scanner operators perform closed-loop color management by using their color separation experience to predict how the color will reproduce on-press, and thereby make the appropriate changes to the scan (in some cases the press operator can make small adjustments on-press that effect the color as well). But this scenario is only possible when the scanner and press are under the same roof. In today’s scenario, scans can come from many sources and the intended output may not even be known at the time of the scan. We are now in an era where "open-system" color management is required in order to get predictable color results.

There are several reasons to implement color management. The three basic areas where color management is most beneficial are during the color scanning, digital proofing and repurposing processes:

Source: Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. For more information, please contact Eric Neumann, Assistant Product Manager, ColorPath at (800) 877-0555.
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