Why don’t my proofs match off the same machine?

Answered by Don Schroeder, Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division

My printer recently gave me two proofs for one of my print projects, but the proofs don’t match – even though they were produced from the same machine. How can that be?

There are many reasons why two proofs from the same machine may not match. Conditions and proofing devices vary greatly. While ensuring consistency in the environment and with a printer’s proofing device may seem daunting, the results make it quite worth the effort. The best proof-to-press match will result in a more productive and profitable pressroom for your printer and will make you a satisfied customer.

Some things that can cause proofs to look differently are:

Source: Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division. For more information, please contact Don Schroeder, Group Manager, Color Products at (800) 877-0555 or visit Fujifilm on the web at www.fujifilm.com.
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