What is dot-whacking?

Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers Online.com

What is dot-whacking?

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Dot-whacking is the process of applying a label or sticker to the front or back cover of a catalog. In the catalog world, dot-whacking is used to highlight special promotions (i.e. "25% off!"), services (i.e. "you can now order online...") or merchandise. The labels are meant to stand out from the printed cover and can come in a variety of substrates, including foils. Although dot whacks are often in the shape of a circle or starburst, a variety of shapes and sizes are available. Some print suppliers (generally catalog printers do dot-whacking) can inkjet variable messaging on the label.

The process of dot-whacking is basically this: A roll of labels is fed through a series of rollers on the press or bindery equipment. A sensor detects the appropriate area to release the label and then a single label is "blown on" the printed piece from the roll. I believe dot-whacking got it’s name because it sounds like a "whack" when the label is blown on to the catalog and the common shape of these labels are dot or circular shapes.
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