Can you provide a list of duties and responsibilities for print buyers?
Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

I’m a print buyer in the process of updating my resume. I was wondering if you have a listing of print buyer duties and responsibilities that I can use to help me with proper wording for my resume. Can you help?

A. V.

Yes, PBO’s archived article, "The Role of a Print Buyer: Suggested Job Description and Responsibilities of a Print Buyer," may help you capture the areas whereby you can bring value to an organization that buys printing. One tip that I’ll add to this list, which is linked below, is that you should try to include specific examples of how you have provided value in the past. Details such as "responsible for saving over $17,000 in annual shipping costs," or "reduced cycle time of premium fulfillment by three days, allowing the company to better satisfy customer demands" are sure to capture a prospective employer’s attention.

Here’s the list of nine common responsibilities of print buyers:

I hope this helps!


Print buyers/managers:
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