How can I compare US paper weights to European paper weights?
Answered by Suzanne Morgan, founder, Print Buyers

I have a question regarding paper weights. A client from the United Kingdom asked about the insertion costs for a 10-gram insert. I’m assuming that she's referring to basis weight, such as 70 lb. Is there a chart for converting European paper weights to American, and vice versa?

Javier Longoria
UP Media Group, Inc.

Atlanta, GA

Yes! I just found a paper conversion tool on the International Paper (coated paper division) Web site. It works great! They also have many other useful paper tools, such as equivalents weights tables, paper caliper tables and calculations for pages per inch.

Here's the link to their paper tools page. When you get to their Web page, click on the Conversions area:

Here's the link to their main Web site:

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