What salary range is appropriate for a newly created print buyer position?
Answered by Suzanne Morgan

I'm considering applying for a newly created "Print Buyer" position with a medium-sized privately held company. The company hasn't set a salary range, so I would like to be able to offer one for the position that is reasonable. Can you offer some insight into a salary range for this type of position? I have worked in the graphic arts industry for over 20 years.

I would say $35,000-50,000 depending upon the volume that you would be responsible for buying, the complexity of the purchases, etc. With your experience, you may be able to get a higher salary. A lot of it depends on the attitude of the company and how they value the position. I would first try to sound them out on a range so that you don't sink yourself. But do aim high and discuss how you could save the company money, reduce the turnaround times of the print jobs, and other ways you can provide value.

Hope this helps.
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